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God Finds Friends In Low Places and Become a Christian Mentor

The Lord Makes Christian Counselors Worthy

A painting of Christ defending Mary Magdelene from the Pharisees

A painting of Christ defending Mary Magdelene from the Pharisees

Recently I saw a very interesting post about the type of God people chooses for his ministry.  Upon further review, I was amazed at the people on the list and their “baggage”.  Among the many on the list was Paul-a murderer, David-an adulterer, Peter-a denier, Noah- a drunk, Moses-a stutterer and a host of other castaways.  I would have also included Mary Magdelene-a prostitute and of course St. Augustine-a sinful party boy!  As Christian Counselors, what is our past?

It gave me some inner hope and strength in regards to myself when I realized who Christ calls.  I would like to think I am not as bad as any of these individuals but I can contend with certainty I will never be as great either!

Yet the theme is consistent throughout the Church-God does not call the worthy, he makes them worthy!  Through inner conversion, the Holy Spirit makes clean what God chooses to use for the sake of his Church.

It is also interesting to note how Christ had much disdain for the Pharisees who proclaimed a holiness that was absorbed with hubris.  Christ did not choose the most intelligent or highly regarded men and women of his time to follow him, but the lowly–among poor fishermen!  Perhaps Christ saw the goodness and remorse in many of these sinners’ hearts.  Most importantly he saw their humility and acceptance that they were far from great or powerful.  In this regard, Christ understood that they knew more truth than any powerful man because humility reflects the reality that we are nothing.  Only through Christ do we become anything in this world.

And what a make over God can do.  Saul become Paul and the 13th apostle to the Church. David became king, a pslamist and repentant of his affair, Peter became pope and later died for Christ on an upside down cross, Noah built an Ark and became patriarch to the remaining human race,  Moses became a powerful figure in the liberation of the Hebrews, Mary Magdeline stood with him at the  foot of the cross and St. Augustine became a Doctor and Father of the Church.  The Lord does certainly work great miracles and many of these miracles are in the people he made clean to do his will.

With that, repent, but allow the grace of God to transform your ministry into what he wills it to be.  Become a vessel to his will and his ministry and only then will your ministry bear fruit

If you are interested in Christian Counseling Courses, please review the program.  If you want to become a Christian Mentor to other, our Christian Counseling Courses and Program can help you achieve certification.

One Response to God Finds Friends In Low Places and Become a Christian Mentor

  1. Tara Pietrobono says:

    Thank you for sharing! This can help all who are uncertain that they can move forward because of their pasts – of who I have been one…

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