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Grief Counseling Certification Article on Helping the Grieving

There are many good intentioned remarks that can have bad effects when attempting to help those dealing with loss.

Please also review our Grief Counseling Certification

Please also review our Grief Counseling Certification

Please also review our Grief Counseling Certification

The article, What You Should Never Say To Someone Who’s Dealing With Loss, by Leigh Weingus states,

“While losing people we love may be a natural part of life, there’s no question that the mourning process is an incredibly difficult one. And it doesn’t just affect our mental health: Recent research published in Immunity and Ageing found that, particularly among older people, when a loved one dies, it makes them even more vulnerable to disease and infection.

The American Psychological Association has plenty of recommendations for what to do when you’re in the midst of grief. For example, talk about it, accept your feelings, practice self-care by getting enough exercise and eating right, and take time to celebrate your loved one’s life.

But how can you help someone you love who’s dealing with loss? More specifically, what should you not say? Here’s what the experts have to say.”

To read the entire article, please click here 

Please also review our Grief Counseling Certification and see if it matches your academic and professional standards.


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