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Grief Counseling Program Book Review: Love Beyond Rainbows, Grandpa Has Cancer

Grief Counseling Program for Children

Love Beyond Rainbows, Grandpa Has Cancer

Love Beyond Rainbows, Grandpa Has Cancer

The Grief Counseling Program for children and their grief is a specialty we offer at the Academy for grief counselors who wish to specialize and help children face grief.  How many times do we see children and their grief overlooked or marginalized.  Children, while not as mentally developed, need their grief addressed in proportion to their understanding of the situation.  They must be heard and allowed to grieve as well, if we hope to prevent future complications.

One tool to help Child Grief Counselors deal with the pain of children are books.  Gayle Jeanine Haven’s book, entitled, “Love Beyond the Rainbows, Grandpa Has Cancer” is an excellent tool for children to relate and understand the pain they are experiencing with the potential loss of a grandparent.

The story revolves around a little boy and his relationship with his grandfather. Throughout the story, the little boy learns to adapt to the needs of his grandfather.  The things they once did are now replaced with him being involved in care and conversation with his grandfather.  One example from the story is how the little boy accompanied grandpa to the hospital for treatments.  He brings a book to read as does his grandfather.  Time is still spent but in a different way.

The boy understands the reality that his grandfather will die but is allowed to share in the final days and in a healthy way to express his grief and pain.   In the end, he is told by his grandfather that they will meet again one day over the rainbow.

This is an excellent book for little children experiencing the painful reality of losing a grandparent.  It is also a good tool for child grief counselors to utilize during sessions with children experiencing the pain of a terminally ill relative.

Gayle Haven, Author of "Love Beyond Rainbows, Grandpa Has Cancer"

Gayle Haven, Author of “Love Beyond Rainbows, Grandpa Has Cancer”


If you are interested, please look this book up.  Also if you have any interest in becoming a grief counselor or have any interest in our Grief Counseling Program, then please review it

Mark Moran, MA


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