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Grief Counselors WhoTreat Self-Harm in Children and Adolescents


How can grief counselors help children who wish to harm themselves?

How can grief counselors help children who wish to harm themselves?

What is considered self-harm? Michigan State University College of Human Medicine Department of Pediatrics and Human Development Professor Donald Greydanus, M.D.

American Institute Health Care Professionals‘s insight:

Grief counseling should attempt to pinpoint adolescent issues regarding self harm.  Grief counselors can help children find out why they wish to harm themselves.  Usually child grief stems from unresolved grief, low self esteem, trauma or other similar psychological pathologies.  Grief therapy and some grief counseling may be beneficial.

If you wish to become certified as a grief counselor then please review the program.  The program consists of core courses that lead to certification.  Qualified professionals include anyone is the healthcare profession or social science fields, whether licensed or possessing an undergraduate degree.  One can also re-certify after three years.

If you wish to become a grief counselor then please review this program if it matches your professional and academic needs.

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