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Grief: How Physicians Deal with it

Grief When a Patient Dies

The medical community is not immune to grief reactions when patients die. In fact, many of them, especially oncologists confront the deaths of patients on an ongoing basis. How do they handle their grief when a patient dies? Do they handle it well or do they have difficulties in dealing with it? This article provides us with some insights which will help answer that question.

By Lisa Esposito, HealthDay Reporter in Cancer


(HealthDay) — Some cancer doctors may build up emotional walls — distancing themselves from the patients they can’t save — to avoid grief, sadness and even despair, new research shows.

In a profession where death and dying “are part and parcel of the work,” study author Leeat Granek said grieving is mixed with “feelings of self-doubt, failure and powerlessness that come from the idea that doctors are responsible for their patients’ lives and for making their treatment decisions.”

Twenty oncologists at three adult cancer centers in Ontario described how they dealt — or didn’t deal — with grief, and its effect on their professional practice and personal lives. The report was published online May 21 in the .

Full article: click here

Grief is a journey we all take sometime in our lives. For medical professionals it is an outcome of caring and is inherent in their career environment. Even professionals need help in dealing with their grief. Learn more about grief education, click here.

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