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Grieving a Loss of a Friend from a Jewish Perspective and Become a Certified Grief Counselor

Grief Counseling from a Jewish Perspective and Become a Certified Grief Counselor

Rabbi Greyber takes a different look at grief counseling in regards to the loss of friends within the Jewish religion.  The article below outlines the basis for his book


There are many rituals of grief for the Jewish religion.  Ryan Torok takes a look at how Jews handle grief regarding a loss of a friend in his article “Rabbi Explores Grief In New Memoir ‘Faith Unravels’.  This article is found in the Jewishjournal.com

With “Faith Unravels: A Rabbi’s Struggle With Grief and God,” Rabbi Daniel Greyber, former executive director of Camp Ramah in California, has written a memoir that explores the unique grieving process of a clergyman

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