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Grill Better with Holistic Education

A tower of cheese burgers

With a little holistic education, we can turn this tower of terror into a healthy summer meal.

Beautiful weather, blue skies, BBQs and baseball have summer in full swing.   Using holistic education we can turn all of the unhealthy summer time favorites into good for you diet friendly options.    A good example is the summer time staple, the hamburger.   The simple hamburger can be as good for you or as bad for you as you want it to be.  First start with the cut of meat.   Are you using lean meat or 80%/20%.   Secondly what are you putting on your burger?   Coating it in mayo, blue cheese, fried onions, ketchup and bacon might sound delicious but think about all those extra empty calories.    Try, for starters, leaner meat to reduce the saturated fat content, then go out to your garden and get a tomato, a pepper or whatever else you might be growing back there.    Cut up an onion and rip off some fresh greens then finally combine it all on a whole wheat bun.    Now you have taken something and turned it into a healthy holistic meal.   For more on this issue please read below:

By Kerri-Ann Jennings, M.S., R.D
From Eating Well Via Huffington Post

How to Use Holistic Education to Build a Better Burger

It’s grilling season and chances are you’ll be making that ever-important cookout decision: hot dog or hamburger? Some people, no doubt, are cheering “Both!” But if you’re trying to make a healthier choice, then the registered dietitian in me knows that “both” is not the answer. So which one is the healthier pick? See how a hamburger compares nutritionally to a hot dog before you tell the grill master your order.

For the full article please go here.

Not much holistic education can do for the hotdog though.  They are full of nitrates and salt.  If you need to have them at your BBQs, you can choose a better hotdog.    Try and find one that is low in sodium and all natural.   Skip the white bun, of course, for a whole wheat option then add fresh cut onions, mustard and maybe some sauerkraut.   Or if you want to kick things up, grill a hot pepper and use that in place of the bun.    It adds flavor and cut calories.  Think healthy and start living better!

If you are interested in learning more about holistic health care then you need to go to our website for more information.


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