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Health Care Coaching: How to Find the Right Coach.

Finding a good health care coaching professional can be a hard task.   Since the health coaching field does not have any central certification, you need to be aware and know what to look for in a good health care coach.  Are you looking for a holistic wellness coach or a physical fitness wellness coach or a combination of the two?   You also want to look for a health coach that you can personally get along with.   Because your relationship with your wellness coach will matter.   For more information on this subject:

By Angelo Gentile
From Southwest Newspapers’ Spring 2012 YourWellness.mn via Chanhassen Villager

Health Care Coaching: How to Find the Right Coach.

If this holistic approach sounds appealing to you, finding the right coach becomes an important decision. As WebMD reported, not everyone who calls himself a coach is qualified, and, because certification is neither standardized or required, searching for an effective wellness coach is still a case of buyer beware.

Moore told WebMD that those looking for a wellness coach should check references, ask for testimonials, look for degrees or certification and interview potential candidates.

Booth of Body One Wellness agrees with all of these steps, and suggests some interview questions. “Ask questions such as ‘what is your philosophy around coaching and training,’ and also, ‘how will you help me be accountable to myself.'” Look for a connection or chemistry with the coach, too, Booth adds.

Plus, look for a good fit, Booth says. If someone specializes in working with high-performance athletes, they may not be right for a new exerciser such as a sedentary office worker.

For the full article please go here.

A Health Coaching working with a client

Health Care Coaching can benefit everyone!

Keeping yourself motivated to exercise, eat healthy, and lose weight is a lot easier when you have a health care coaching pro to help you every step of the way.    Hopefully this article can take you in the right direction to selecting the right health care coach for you!   If you would like to learn more about health care life coaching or are thinking about becoming a health and wellness coach, you might want to visit our webpage.

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