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Health Care Coaching Ways to Kick Start Your Metabolism.

Looking for health care coaching advice on how to get your metabolism moving?   Well health care coaches have come up with a list to do just that.   Most of the items on this list are not hard to do.    They all involve simple changes to exercises you might be currently doing right now as part of your exercise routine.   Changes like lifting weight then doing cardio.   Health coach studies have shown our metabolisms work faster when we lift and then do cardio.   If you wish to learn more please read the article below.

By Kate Ashford
From CNN via Health.com

Quick Health Care Coaching Tips to Speed Up Your Metabolism.

Raise a hand if you have a fast metabolism. Anyone?

Truth is, we all think our metabolic rate is slowww — and assume that speeding it up would require two-hour runs and boot camp till we’re wrecked. Not so. In fact, all the little decisions you make about eating and moving make a big difference in your calorie-torching ability.

For the full article please go here

green tea fields

What other health care coaching friendly foods can you think of to increase your metabolism?

Health Care Coaching professionals agree that it is not only your exercise routine that ultimately revs up your metabolism.   What you eat and when you eat it have just as big of an effect.   Next time you are eating something, splash on some hot sauce then reach for a large glass of water instead of soda or a sugary drink.    You will be surprised how fast you start losing weight.

If you are interested in earning your online health care coach certificate then you should visit our website.

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