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Social Media and Healthcare from Nurse Together

Social Media and Healthcare from Nurse Together

Social Media and Healthcare are two words that don’t always mix well. With student nurses getting kicked out of school for posting pictures on Facebook or a doctor being fired because he made a comment about a patient on Twitter, some healthcare organizations and nurses are leery of joining the social media bandwagon. But social media can work in healthcare without breaching HIPPA laws if done right, and nurses can be at the forefront of this movement by providing accurate information that patients are seeking online. More than 73% (with this number growing every day) of consumers use search engines


The New Health Reform Bill: Do You Know How It Will Affect You? from Nurse Together

Unprecedented evolution of the health system in our country is beginning with the institution of the new health care bill. Over one thousand pages of legal-ease have made it virtually impossible for anyone to understand the changes and far less a chance to predict the outcomes. Most hospitals and healthcare organizations have appointed entire legal teams to attempt to assess the effects of this new legislation on their organizations. There are also many potential effects on the nursing profession that in some cases may be an advantage. Some could also be problematic. To attempt to predict the effects of the


Welcome to the American Institute of Health Care Professionals Blog!

Welcome to the American Institute of Health Care Professionals Blog!

Review our Health Care Continuing Education Courses Please check often for the most up to date information and articles regarding all of your counseling and health care needs. If you have any interest in any health care continuing education courses or health care certifications, please review our blogs and programs. All certifications are granted via online learning and courses.  After completion of the courses, qualified professionals can become certified in their specialty area. Nurses, counselors, health care professionals, social workers, funeral care, pastoral care and ministry all find needed counseling and health care continuing education courses that lead to certification