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Health Care News: Coffee May Benefit Your Heart

A cup of coffee surrounded by coffee beans in the shape of a heart

Is coffee heart healthy?

Here is some good health care news for people that need their “Cup of Joe” in the mornings.   Drinking coffee in moderation could be benefiting your heart.   A recent study on coffee consumption showed that 8 oz of coffee a day showed a slight increase in heart protection.   Now of course this is just talking about straight black coffee.   Do not go out and start ordering double mocha lattes and say it is heart healthy.   For more health news on this subject please read below:

By Elizabeth Mostofsky, Megan S. Rice, Emily B. Levitan, and Murray A. Mittleman
From Medical News Today

Health Care News for Coffee Drinkers

New research from the US suggests drinking coffee in moderation, that is four European cups (equivalent to two 8-ounce American servings) per day, may protect slightly against heart failure, contradicting the guidelines of the American Heart Association that currently warn against regular coffee consumption.

For the full article please go here.

Heart health should be on everyone’s mind.   A quick cup of coffee in the mornings might be just what the doctor ordered.   Just make sure you do not overload it with cream and sugar.

A cup of coffee set by an open book

Feel free to sip on a cup and relax


If you want to keep up to date with health care news or possibly earn a health care certificate then you might want to visit our website.



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