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Health Care Certifcation Programs: Chemotherapy Article

The Big “C”: The 101 on Chemotherapy   Cancer is a disease that I was not very familiar with not until a friend’s family member was diagnosed with this deadly illness. Generally, I don’t like hospitals that much but when you need to show support to a dear friend or relative, you have to suck it up and become pillar of strength for them. During frequent hospital visits, I learned things about cancer that I never knew about before, especially when it comes to treatments. I had always assumed that chemotherapy was only through the use of radiation. Turns out,


Health Care Certifications Blog: Stopping Aging?

Anti aging – A science to preserve aging in a fast paced lifestyle Are you keen to turn your clock back so that your quest of ageless beauty gets fulfilled? Well, prior to that you should know that a normal adult get exposed to several categories of difficulties agents at least 80% at the time. Even your body gives you adaptive responses in case of stress threshold that tells your body to take a break, but unfortunately, due to the fast paced lifestyle you are unable to hear that responses. Thus, in return you start to feel slightly older and


What’s New In Medical Advancements?

What’s New In Medical Advancements?

Medical Advancements: 5 Instruments That Will Change Medicine By Hannah Whittenly The medical field advanced swiftly during the late 20th Century. With the dawning of the computer age, there have been great strides in understanding the human body as well as innovations regarding the treatment of disease. With the microprocessor and nano-processor, technology pushed to the forefront of the medical community. Surgical procedures are performed with the aid of computerized machines and various computerized medical devices are now used to maintain health and prevent disease. There are 5 instruments that will change the face of modern medicine that have recently


Roadmap To Treat Teenagers Suffering By Obesity, Overweight

  Today, healthcare providers are taking a great challenge on the increasing number of the obesity problem. They will identify who will undertake weight loss programs due to health reasons and to come up with successful weight loss programs to address the problem. There are various associations and groups that develop a comprehensive treatment to partner with healthcare providers in treating patients who are affected by obesity or overweight.   It has been found out that weight loss is not centered on will power but it is about the behavior of people when they are surrounded by food, physical activities


How To Help Seniors Avoid Holiday Blues

                      There is the common notion that depression and suicidal rate significantly increase during this time of the year. It’s said that the cheerfulness of the Christmas season can trigger loneliness to those who have lost a loved one or who are already feeling down and expecting to be uplifted during the season but find only disappointment.   On the other hand, the NYU Langone Medical Center states that in a recent study, it showed that contrary to popular belief, people tend to be less likely to commit suicide during


How To Use Your Hot Tub For Hydrotherapy

Getting Some Hydrotherapy with Your Hot Tub By Meggie Haneckow Therapy is a mistaken word! It needn’t be dull or drab. It CAN be a lot fun if done in a way that not just makes you feel good but look good too. Hot tubs are the hot pick for anyone who wants to reap the benefits of good health through hydrotherapy. But what exactly is hydrotherapy? Going by the clinical definition of the term, it means the use of water in medical treatment of diseases. The best thing about the use of hot tubs in hydrotherapy is that not


An Overview of Erectile Dysfunction

  Till date there are several medicines discovered to effectively treat erectile dysfunction (ED) but none of them are as effective as Priapus shot. Earlier Platelet Rich Plasma PRP treatment has been used effectively and safely for several years in orthopaedic surgery, aesthetic medicines   and dentistry and now as sexual medicine. It is one of the most useful and natural treatments for rejuvenation throughout the body. The platelet-rich plasma is injected in the body to increase of the manhood. Its immense benefits in sexual medicine continue to grow. The ED medications affect blood flow and therefore, facilitate erection and improve


Breast Cancer Care Advice

Breast Cancer Care: Breast Reconstruction Surgery. By Claire Kaczmarek In honor of the end of breast cancer awareness month, I found it an appropriate time to discuss life AFTER cancer. For anyone who has been through the process, or knows someone who has, you know that breast cancer is not only physically taxing, but also an emotionally draining disease as well. The legacy of treatment and its side effects for a person can be huge. Treatments such as surgery, chemotherapy, radiotherapy and hormone drugs can leave a woman with many physical and emotional changes to deal with. In a recent


Health Care Professionals – How to Stay Healthy

Health Of Health Care Professionals By Chris Evans Healthcare is a major part of any country, as such a significant percentage of employment is within this sector. Healthcare can span from Doctors, nurses through to dentistry and care for the disabled or elderly. These jobs play an extremely vital part in the functionality of a nation and as such there are many Health & Safety provisions in place to protect staff members from injury and illness. The type of job that you do will often dictate the type of injury/ illness that you could be susceptible to, meaning precautions should be


How To Find The Best Help For All Your Medical Needs

How To Find The Best Help For All Your Medical Needs

How To Find The Best Help For All Your Medical Needs   Getting the best healthcare for medical needs is often a major concern among consumers. From choosing a healthcare plan that provides good coverage to finding the right doctor, diligent research and smart decision making will help ensure the best healthcare when you need it. Finding the Best Health Insurance Plans Having the right health insurance plan is the first step for good medical care. Although no one can foresee a sudden illness or injury, there are many medical needs that can be anticipated. For example, if you have