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Health Coach Program That Helps You Keep In Touch

A women with a boxing glove threatening to punch a computer.

With a good health coach program there is no need to fight with your technology.

An interesting health coach program for your phone has just been developed!   It directly connects you with your health coach and keeps track of your health goals.  Your coach can also keep in contact with you as well.    Through this higher level of communication, coaches can check on their clients with greater ease and send them helpful information to help them fulfill their goals.   The program is called “Optimize Me 2.0 app”.    It is worth a look!   For a video on the app please review below:

From United Health Group

New Health Coach Program For Your Smart Phone!

United Health Group’s Michelle Lafrenz demonstrates the Optimize Me 2.0 app, which allows users to track their health goals and access a health coach. The coach is related to your employer health plan and offers tips, articles and information so you can meet your health goals and live a healthier life.

For the short video please go here.

A man on a stationary bike with a labtop

Technology and fitness can go hand in hand.

You can see how this health coach program could help you and others.    As technology increases so does our ability to stay healthy.   Staying motivated and fulfilling your health goals just got a lot easier!

If you are interested in taking online health coach courses then you will want to visit our webpage.




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