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Health Coaching Advice on How to Beat the Heat.

With summer officially in full effect, some are turning to health coaching advice to help them survive the high temperatures and the even higher heat indexes.  Everyone knows drink plenty of water and stay in the shade.    That is well known good advice.    To test your knowledge further perhaps you should take this health care coaching heat wave quiz:

From Huffington Post

Health Coaching Advice Heat Wave Quiz

We’re barely over a week into summer and already we can’t beat the heat.

In fact, this past week alone, more than 1,000 new records were set for daily high temperatures across the country, the AP reported, especially surprising considering records are usually set in July and August. “Any time you’re breaking all-time records in mid- to late-June, that’s a healthy heat wave,” Derek Arndt, head of climate monitoring at the National Climatic Data Center, told the AP.

For the quiz please go here.

A picture of two elderly people standing in the sun

Always check your elders in intense heat.

Anyone working in this heat should follow this health coaching advice.   Heatstroke and heat exhaustion can cause serious physical health issues or death.   Just remember to keep fluids in you to fight off dehydration and stay out of the sun.    If you have to work in the sun, take water breaks.   Lastly if you have elderly family members or neighbors, check on them if the heat gets too high.

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