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Health Life Coaching Diet Advice

Health life coaching diet advice suggests you include these fats into your salads for an extra boost of nutrition.   You are probably reading that first line again, add extra fat to your salad?   It is true.    Some classes of nutrients are fat soluble meaning they can only be absorbed by our bodies with the addition of fats.    Now before you reach for 1,000 island or chunky blue cheese dressing to deliver this fat, not all fats are created equal.   Trans fats and saturated fats are STILL bad for you.   What fats to use you ask?   Health care coaching professionals have come up with a list of ones you should be including in your salad:

A simple mushroom and tomato salad

Thinking outside the box keeps your salads fresh and new. Try a summer tomato salad next time.

From Huffington Post

Health Life Coaching: Build a Better Salad

Last week, researchers from Purdue University released a study that showed why fat is an essential part of any salad. They argued that low- and no-fat salad dressings made the vitamins and nutrients in greens and veggies less available to the body. That’s because carotenoids — a class of nutrient that includes lutein, lycopene, beta-carotene and zeaxanthin — is fat soluble and can’t be absorbed by the body unless it’s delivered with some fat as well.

For the full article please go here.

A greek salad.

If you noticed Greek salad includes plenty of vegetables and healthy fats as well.

Health life coaching dietary advice does not have to be hard.   On your next salad reach for a handful of almonds or make a tasty vinaigrette with olive oil.   Including healthy fats to your salads can be as easy and as tasty as you want it to be.  If nuts and oils are not your thing, shred some shape cheddar instead.

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