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Healthcare Case Management Certification Article on Hospital Savings

Good article on savings for hospitals.

Please review our Healthcare Case Management Certification

Please review our Healthcare Case Management Certification

Please also review our Healthcare Case Management Certification

The article, How hospitals can turn cost-cutting drives into an advantage, by Rich Weissman states,

“Many of the registered nurses who walk into my class do so with trepidation and nervousness. They may be participants of a graduate nursing program for administrators, educators and practitioners, but most have never taken a business course. Healthcare, to them, is the art and science of patient care – not a business.

But the reality of healthcare management is far different, and perhaps that’s why my course is a required one. In my class – called Managing Operations, Finance and Risk – the students are exposed to common business themes such as logistics, inventory management, staffing, process management, return on investment and risk. For their final project, they must review a clinical process, map its current state and recommend changes to make it more efficient, cost effective and patient centric.

At the end of the day, the patient-focused supply chain runs like most others. There is a focus on customer service, process improvement, strong relationships, communication and cost management.

Healthcare may be unique in its patient-centric focus, but the fundamentals of supply chains remain the same regardless of the industry. Below, a few strategies taken from the retail, manufacturing and service industries that can help turn cost-cutting drives into a competitive advantage:”


To read the entire article, please click here


Please also review our Healthcare Case Management Certification


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