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Healthcare Case Management Program Article on Healthcare and Those Who Need

A short article about healthcare and those who need it.  Healthcare will be a big issue this election and this article shows some interesting insight.

Good article on healthcare and views of who need it. Please also review our healthcare case management program

Good article on healthcare and views of who need it. Please also review our healthcare case management program

Please also review our healthcare case management program

The article, “Measuring Health Care From The Vantage Point Of Those Needing Care” by Bruce Chernof, states

“Not everything that is important for a person’s health can be measured and not everything that can be measured in health care is important to the average person.

For too long, value has been defined only for the benefit of regulators and purchasers. Our health care system is purpose-built to cater to their performance needs, oversight, and expectations, and as such has fostered the proliferation of all sorts of clinical quality measures by multiple organizations. The current state of quality measurement serves these audiences reasonably well.

However, the problem with evaluating quality using these tools is twofold. First as a physician, I still see too much variation in the technical quality of American health care. Second, clinical measures alone ignore how value is perceived through the eyes of those who actually use the delivery system. When we look at the highest users of health care — those with serious medical problems and functional limitations — we now have oodles of technical measures for each condition on their problem list, and yet really no understanding of whether we are contributing to a person’s quality of life. Frankly, I care little about the fact that my 100-year-old grandmother has never had a screening colonoscopy, but I care mightily that no one seems responsible for her successful discharge and transition home after a bout of urosepsis.”


To read the entire article please click here

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