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Good article about big date and healthcare.  If you would like to learn more about AIHCP’s healthcare certifications then please review our programs

Healthcare certifications offered by AIHCP can help one diversify their healthcare career

Healthcare certifications offered by AIHCP can help one diversify their healthcare career

The article, “Strong Opportunities for Big Data in Healthcare – Population Health Management, Clinical Decision Support and Real-World Data” attempts to answer some questions about data management and healthcare.


The article states,

“The healthcare industry is steadily realizing the value offered by Big Data solutions, particularly in “-omics” research and medical record mining. However, current investments are focused on serving immediate needs of the investing stakeholders, which often makes them siloed and incrementally beneficial, as opposed to a strategic organizational redesign of the data strategy that provides exponential returns on investment. Industry participants, including governments, payers, providers, suppliers and consumers, must develop Big Data strategies with clear goals to improve specific processes, such as patient engagement, clinical decision making, population health/risk management, and outcomes improvement. This is crucial to achieve the future vision of a patient-centric, predictive and prescriptive healthcare system.”

To read the entire article, please click here


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