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Help with Underage Drinking – Do Not Host Parties!

help with underage drinking

Do you need help with underage drinking? If you have a teen that drinks illegally, by feeling that if you “host” the party you are helping them… you are wrong! Hosting teenage drinking parties is illegally and immoral.

It’s that time of year again when teenagers celebrate upcoming high school graduations and attend the annual school prom. Most schools have developed pretty str

American Institute Health Care Professionals‘s insight:

Help with Underage Drinking – Learning How To Correct It.

The phrase parents who host lose the most is very critical in this article.  Parenting does not involve “being cool” but being responsible to teens and children. By allowing your children and other children to drink at your house, you are not helping them.   You are encouraging a bad behavior and worse encouraging it in other children as well.   You are not responsible for another child.   Why are you deciding if they are old enough to get drunk for?   By hosting these types of parties, you are not the cool parent.   You are not allowing something they would do anyways to happen in a safe environment.    You are opening yourself up to legal actions.

Instead of allowing teenage drinking to happen, how about you do not allow it to happen in the first place.    Be the parent, not the friend.    Children are still developing and should not be drinking heavily.

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