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Holiday Substance Abuse and What You Can Do.

Subsatance Abuse Counseling During the Holidays


Are the Holidays and Christmas a time for partying or a time for family and spirituality?

Are the Holidays and Christmas a time for partying or a time for family and spirituality?


All to common, the holidays are misused with alcohol and drugs.  Grief ridden individuals or addicts find the taste of alcohol for that brief moment during the party and the demon again returns as the new year becomes the current year.   Substance abuse counseling can help these individuals remain strong during the holiday season.   Holiday Substance Abuse is a serious issue.   Many families gather together and celebrate with wine.   Alcoholics might have a hard time resisting the urge to drink.

 Christine Wolf on Evanstonpatch, writes about her own experiences with her family’s own alcholic related issues in her article,  “To Much Holiday ‘Cheer'”.

If you know someone who struggles with substance abuse, you know that this time of year presents excruciating challenges for those trying to manage their addictive behaviors. According to The Pat Moore Foundation, an alcohol and drug treatment center, the period from Thanksgiving to New Year’s often results in increased drug and alcohol abuse, as addicts try to ignore their condition in order to participate in family gatherings and other festivities.

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