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Holistic Health Care: Portion Sizes.

Keeping to a holistic health care friendly diet can be challenging.   However what if your holistic diet choices were secretly sabotaging your efforts?   Knowing portion sizes and how many calories your holistic friendly foods contain are just as important.    For example could you tell the different between a 100 calorie serving of chicken vs a 200 calorie serving?   Or can you tell how many calories are in a handful of healthy raw almonds?   How about how many calories are in your avocado?   Again just because they are holistically nutritious, does not mean they lack calories.   For a side show of favorite salad toppings and their calories please visit the link below.

From Huffington Post

Holistic Health Care Advice for Keeping Your Salads Healthy.

It’s important to note that not all calories are the same: Foods that are rich in fiber, protein, vitamins and other nutrients are far more valuable than palatable, but nutritionally devoid items. If given the option between 100 calories of grilled chicken and 100 calories of crispy wontons, any health-minded person will choose the former. But it’s a reminder that a “healthy” meal is just as susceptible to portion control problems and overloaded add-ons.

For the full article please go here.

Now we all know that holistic health care approved foods pack in more nutritional value than their fast food counterparts but it is still very important to control your portion sizes.    Always remember vegetables contain calories and salads can contain fats.   This makes weight gain possible.

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