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Holistic Health Care Recipes

A display of fish and vegetables

Holistic health care is about fresh and not processed.

Holistic Health Care cooking does not have to be bland and flavorless.   Holistic nutrition can be quite good tasting and good for you as well!   Using whole foods and fresh ingredients, you can make a nutritious meal that will have your guests asking for more.   The secret?  Keeping your foods as unprocessed as you possibly can.   Stay close to the source, to so speak.    Instead of using canned vegetables either grow your own or shop at a local farmer’s market.   Another way to incorporate healthy alternatives into your cooking would be to use whole wheat products instead of white flour or blanched products.   For a good article with holistic healthy recipes please review below:

By Dr. Mark Hyman
From Huffington Post

Holistic Health Care and How Can Cook Healthy!

They say, “Doc, I trust your advice would help me if I could only live on food that tastes like cardboard, but I just don’t think I can do it. I don’t have that kind of willpower.” But what they don’t yet know is that eating well is actually more pleasurable than most of the junk food filling the shelves of our current grocery stores.

I love when I see patients return after a few weeks of implementing my suggestion to trade in their SAD diet (standard American diet) for an anti-inflammatory meal plan. Undoubtedly the response is always the same: I didn’t know eating healthy food could not only taste good but feel so good. The taste of good health lingers long in the body and looks good on all of us!

For the full article please go here.

Holistic Health Care again does not have to be hard.   All it takes are small steps to a healthier and better life.

A plate of fruit.

Healthy alternatives to processed foods!

If you want to earn your holistic health care certification then you should visit our website.


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