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Holistic Health Care Tips for a Low Budget.

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Holistic health care help is here! Use these tip and starting eating better today!

Holistic Health Care and keeping to a holistic friendly diet seems like a catch 22.   We want to eat healthy but we cannot afford it.    We would rather eat the fresh homemade garden salad but our bank accounts have us eating at the dollar menu.  Put down that burger!  You do not know what is in it!   Finally there are helpful tips that can have you eating better and not spending a lot of money doing it.   The article below has an excellent list that you can use to enjoy a holistic healthy diet without breaking the bank.

By Tana Amen
From Huffington Post

Holistic Health Care Dieting Budget Tips

“I want to eat healthier, but it’s too expensive. I can’t afford it.” It’s a refrain I hear almost every day.

Now, I’ll grant you that buying 1,000 calories of Cocoa Puffs is cheaper than buying 1,000 calories of fresh vegetables or pasture-raised meat. And if trying to support yourself and your family on limited funds, it can be difficult to choose a fresh avocado at $1.29 each instead of the gooey, green, pre-packaged and preserved “avocado sauce” that probably doesn’t contain an ounce of avocado.

For the full list please go here.

From growing your own food to just being a smarter shopper, you can include holistic health care into your life and your family’s lives as well.   Just remember to look for deals, stay local whenever possible, grow you own, and learn to be mindful when you shop.   With this information in hand you can too eat healthy without spending a lot.

If you want to learn more about Holistic and Integrative Health Care then our website would be a great place to start.



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