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Holistic Nursing Advice That Could Change Your DNA!

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Trouble with energy? Follow this holistic nursing advice and gain more!

Our diets, exercise, bad habits, and our stress levels can effect our DNA.   Holistic Nursing Advice suggests we use this information to our advantage.    Eating a holistic healthy diet can in fact change your DNA for the better.   How?   Simply don’t smoke, get more exercise, try to eliminate stress and eat holistic foods.   Easier said that done?   With a little prep work and determination you can!  For more advice please read the article below.

By Dr. Susna B. Dopart
From Huffington Post

Holistic Nursing Advice to Change Your DNA.

“I need to lose weight and change my health. What’s the magic recipe and how can I get a jumpstart on it?”

Oh, how often I hear this! As a registered dietitian, I work with clients to put the puzzle pieces of their lives together for a picture that facilitates change. That looks different for each person with no “one size fits all,” but there are some common ingredients.

Research shows that lifestyle changes in four areas affect your genes within just two weeks. This means your body can change the way it responds to your DNA within 14 days to making the way for lowering blood pressure, blood glucose levels, weight, and even how quickly your body ages.

For the full article please go here.

Following holistic nursing advice is not hard once you have it all planned out.   If you start exercising more, you will naturally want to quit smoking and start eating more holistic nursing foods.    Then by making a plan and sticking to it you will be eliminating stress from your life as well.    As you can see, it is not that hard.   Taking the first step towards a better, healthier you is the hardest part.

If you wish to learn more about holistic health care then you might want to visit our webpage.

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