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Holistic Nutrition: What age group needs it the most?

Holistic nutrition is important for any age group.   Staying healthy by using a holistic nutritional approach is key for youth adults and the elderly alike.   But is there an age group that benefits from an organic, holistic diet more than others?  An excellent answer can be found in an article from bridgetkrutzik.com by Bridget Krutzik.

Holistic Nutrition: What age group needs it the most?

Choosing organic foods over conventional foods benefits any age group.  However, for children, it is exceedingly important.  Organic foods are produced without using genetically modified organisms or pesticides.  Most pesticides and herbicides are in fact neurotoxins, which is why they successfully kill insects  Because children’s nervous systems are in development, they are especially vulnerable to their effects.

For the full article please go here.

Logically it makes sense that developing children would benefit from holistic nutrition more than most.    They are in fact growing and need proper nutrition to ensure they continue to develop and grow into healthy adults.

holistic nutrition

holistic nutrition

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