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Hospital Crisis Management Response

Does your hospital or organization have a crisis management response plan in place? In time of emergency a response plan is critical to crisis intervention efforts.  A lot can be learned from institutions that do not have one.   An excellent article sites examples of what can happen when crisis management efforts do not work:

By Anne Hancock Toomey and Joe Tye
From Hospitals and Health Networks

Hospital Crisis Management Response

Better Crisis Management

While there is no foolproof approach to crisis management that’s guaranteed to protect your organization’s reputation, there are certain cardinal rules that will help keep intact the trust you’ve worked so hard to earn among your employees, physicians, patients and community — often through decades of service.

Develop a crisis communication plan. Any organization can fall victim to a public relations crisis, often without warning. Those who have prepared for the possibility and have developed a communication plan beforehand can emerge with an enhanced reputation for integrity. Identifying a lead messenger, key audiences and best practice tactics can make identifying the right message much easier when a crisis hits the fan.

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