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How a Nursing Case Management Education Helps Patients.

Nursing Case Management Education

Nursing Case Management Education

Anxiety service mapping charts patient anxiety levels by identifying each

American Institute Health Care Professionals‘s insight:

Very Interesting article with deep insights into the patient experience in health care. We often forget about our patient’s levels of anxiety when they enter the health care system.  It is interesting how furthering your nursing case management education can help you with your patients’ experiences.   This article provides keen insights and should be read by all health care professionals. www.aihcp.org 

Not a case manager?   Then perhaps you should look into receiving your certification in case management.   There are plenty of online programs to help you achieve this goal.  AIHCP has an online case management program.   Everything is self-paced and can be worked around your personal schedule.

If you are interested please feel free to check out their website.   Someone will respond to you with the information you require.

See on www.hhnmag.com

2 Responses to How a Nursing Case Management Education Helps Patients.

  1. dhsk2000 says:

    With all the emphasis on HCAHPs scores, this would be a really valuable 4way to improve pt opinion of the facility in Real Time. I wonder how/who to approach to make something like this happen. Any ideas would be appreciated.
    Thanks, Heather

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