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How Hollywood Views Grief Counseling

Films are an expression of the views of the director, writers, and producers.   When a film deals with grief and grief counseling it is interesting to see how they interrupt it through their characters.   It takes great skill to get into the mindset of your character as an actor as well.   To bring out the range of emotions from grief is not easy.   For a list of movies and how the characters response to grief please read the article below.

By Fredda Wasserman
From Huffington Post

Grief Counseling From A Hollywood Perspective

From Les Miserables to Silver Linings Playbook to Flight, death and grief are major themes in this year’s Oscar nominated films. The often taboo topic of how people deal with the death of someone close seems to have also reached a fever pitch in TV shows such as Private Practice, and Go On. The film makers and writers must be applauded for daring to expose viewers to such intimate portrayals of the grief process.

Consider these four characters from this year’s films and TV shows that illustrate a wide variety of grief reactions:

For the full article please go here.

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Grief counseling on film is never easy.

Grief counseling in films has always been a hard concept to bring to life.   Getting into character as an actor, being able to direct the emotions is an art form all its own.   Because genuine grief is not an easy emotion to portray on camera.

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