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How Hypnosis Might Help With Sleepwalking

A lot of articles study how hypnosis can help with many mental issues.   Hypnotherapy has shown it helps people quit smoking, lose weight, keep emotions under control, break addictions, etc.   Now it is showing promise on stopping people from sleepwalking.   Sleepwalking is when someone is in a deep sleep and starts walking around.   It can be a soft and easy walk or running around the house.   Sometimes peoples speak as well.   Hypnotherapists through the use of hypnosis can go into the subconscious and get to the root of the problem.   For a deeper look at sleepwalking you should review this article.

A man who is sleepwalking

Can hypnotherapy help treat sleepwalking disorders?

By Elizabeth Landau – CNN.com Health Writer/Producer

Sleepwalking Is More Common Than You Thought.  Can Hypnosis Help?

Sleepwalking isn’t just a quirk of Homer Simpson and other cartoon characters who go on unconscious adventures. New research suggests it’s even more common than you may think.

Researchers published a study in the journal Neurology involving more than 19,000 American adults, and found that nearly 30% had sleepwalked at some point in their lives. Far fewer said they experienced sleepwalking within the last year – only about 4% did. One percent had two or more episodes per month.

For the full article please go here.

How hypnosis can be effective in treating sleepwalking disorder lays with the individual patient.   Once you use hypnotherapy to identify the trigger you can then simply either removing the trigger or finding a way to avoid it.  Lastly it is a common myth that you should never wake a sleepwalker.   Fact is you should always try to get them back to bed. If they, however, are going to hurt themselves or someone else you should always wake them up.   Contrary to the myth you will not cause any physical harm to them.

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