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How Meditation Training Help Evolve Mankind

A landscape picture of a rocky beach with rain clouds

Our early survival depended on our flight or fight response. Today we need a clear mind to stay focused.

When the first meditation training surfaced it was over 40,000 years ago.   Back then humanity based itself on survival.    We were not worried about art or a culture.   Then things changed for the better.    We started becoming more aware of our existence and how we could learn to meditate.   Meditation allowed humanity to become modern and stay focused.   For more please read below:

By Jeff Cannon
From Huffington Post

Meditation Training and the 40,000 Year Old Brain

The last time we observed an evolutionary shift in humans was roughly 40,000 years ago. That was the point when our ancestors started to do more than just fight for survival. They started to create art and search for a higher purpose. Items like musical instruments and cave painting started to appear. They began making jewelry and idols. For the first time they recognized the spiritual nature of the world and of themselves. It’s as if something spread throughout all of humanity and transformed Homo sapiens into what we now call modern humans.

For the full article please go here.

A woman meditating on a beach at sunset

Meditation training has been helping mankind relieve stress for 1,000’s of years.

As you can see mediation training allowed us to reduce stress and calm ourselves.   It still does this today.    We often face our flight or fight response in everyday situations.   Meditation allows us to remain focused and calm.    Without it we still might be only caring about our sole survival and not focused on what makes life truly worth living.

If you are interested in taking meditation courses then you might want to visit our webpage.


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