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How to Incorporate Holistic Nutrition into Your Life

A pile of dough on a table with several cookies cut out of it

Holistic Nutrition does not mean giving up the foods you love!

Wondering how you can fit holistic nutrition and proper dieting into your busy life?  It is surprisingly quite easy.  A holistic diet starts with you.   You must want to make holistic lifestyle changes.   Once you have committed to a holistic nutritional diet, you will find that incorporating other elements is quite easy.    For an excellent article on holistic health care and how to start down the path of better holistic health, please read below.

By Jolene Park, B.A
From Healthy Discoveries

Holistic Nutrition Advice You Can Use!

Since publishing my HB1060 post in February I have received a handful of emails and phone calls from holistic nutritionists and dietitians. They agree with my philosophy and complimented me for taking the stand against the American Dietetic Association. Many have asked for advice on how to build or improve their own careers in holistic nutrition and, or corporate wellness.

I decided to compile many of the questions I’ve received. I’ll now point people to this blog post instead of trying to answer multiple emails. I hope this helps anyone who has the desire to teach and coach others in the area of holistic nutrition or corporate wellness.

Holistic nutrition is everywhere.   Simply avoid processed foods and try to find foods that are as natural as possible.   The closer to nature you can get the better it will be for you.

If you are interested in holistic nursing courses or taking a holistic and integrative health care certificate then you should visit our website.



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