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Hypnotherapy and Being Positive

A book cover for the synthesis effect

New Hypnotherapy Book from Dr. McGrail!

Hypnotists have been using Hypnotherapy to treat many different mental disorders for years.   Hypnosis can also be used for self enlightenment and self improvement.   A new book from Dr. John McGrail titled ” The Synthesis Effect” goes into deep detail on this process.   For an excellent video on the book please review below.

From Insiders Health TV via Blip.tv

Hypnotherapy and Being Positive

Is self empowerment or enlightenment something you’d like to achieve? Please watch as Dr. John McGrail, author of “The Synthesis Effect”discusses how retraining your brain to think positively instead of negatively can bring you a joyful life.

For the full video please go here.

It is interesting how hypnotherapy can be used to create your own realities.   Through Dr. McGrail’s book you can attract the positive energies you want and steer away from the negative ones.    It is well worth picking up!

If you are interested in hypnosis and how hypnotherapy works, then you might want to visit our webpage for more information.


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