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Hypnotherapy for Pain Management

Does hypnotherapy for pain management really work?   There is strong evidence that points to yes however the field is still relatively unknown.   Hypnosis can lead to a reduction in pain through the use of the subconscious mind.   For more on the subject please review an article by Steven Novella under Neuroscience/Mental Health via ScienceBasedMedicine.org:

Hypnotherapy for Pain Managementhypnotizing watch

What, then, are the variables specific to hypnosis that make it an identifiable intervention? This is not clear, but we can start with a definition of hypnosis based upon our current understanding. Hypnosis, first of all, is not what happens on stage for the purpose of entertainment. It is not about making people act like a chicken. It is also not a deep sleep or trance-like state. Hypnosis, however, is believed to be a specific state of consciousness. We experience different states of consciousness all the time, defined by differences in alertness and focus of attention. Hypnosis, rather than being a sleep-like state, is actually a state of heightened alertness. Attention, however, is focused (usually on the hypnotist or something they are using as a focus of attention). In this state subjects are more responsive to social cues and suggestion.

For the full article please go here.

Do you want to learn more about hypnotherapy and how to use hypnotherapy for pain management?  For pain management and more hypnosis techniques you should check out our clinical hypnotherapy webpage

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