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Hypnotherapy: Is it becoming more mainstream?

Hypnotherapy has always been around.  Historically, however, most have viewed hypnotherapists as nothing more than stage entertainers who make people bark like dogs or cluck like a chicken.  In recent years hypnosis is becoming viewed in a different light.   It is being viewed as an alternative medicine and a way to treat behavioral disorders.    Nooga.com has an article wrote by Chloé Morrison with more information:

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Is Hypnotherapy becoming more common place?

Hypnotherapy: Is it becoming more mainstream?

Hypnotherapy is an alternative therapy that is gaining more and more mainstream acceptance as having medical benefits and positive side effects, Pimental-Habib also said.

“You can think of it in the same general healing family as acupuncture, massage [or] Chinese herbs,” he said. “All of these are kind of nonmainstream or alternative or holistic treatments. But they are gaining much more respect and popularity every year in our country. These are things they’ve been doing in China or India for thousands of years.”

For the full article please go here.

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