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I Need to Get Rid of This Stress and Stress Management

Job, husbands, kids, pets and bills have me stressed to my max. I have never had to deal with so much chaos and I am not handling it well. Right now, it seems like everything is riding on my shoulders and I carry the weight of this family. I am the only one working and the only one with a drivers license. I have to pay all the bills, do all the errands, go to work, cook dinner and make sure the kids get homework done, get bathed and get in bed at a decent hour. I need to find a stress management program that can help me find a way to deal with all this stress. I have tried a few things like laying in a dark room, alone and trying to clear my head. I have tried those little gimmick stress balls and nothing is working. The only thing that seemed like it was helping was talking to a therapist but I cannot afford that anymore.  We need stress management!   If you have read this far then reducing stress and dealing with stress is very important.

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