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Ignatian Spirituality and Electives for Christians

Ignatian Ideals and Christian Counseling

Christian counseling constantly helps people make choices. This form of spiritual direction is

St. Ignatius. Also please review the training in Christian counseling at AIHCP

St. Ignatius. Also please review the training in Christian counseling at AIHCP

critical for the spiritual child to be guided in the proper way. When it comes to moral dilemmas or vocational choices, St. Ignatius offers a variety of options in his Spiritual Exercises. In the Spiritual Exercises, one can find excellent ways to choose between two options. The first and foremost way is making sure the option or options coincide with divine law. If they do not, then they should be discontinued as an option. St. Ignatius also gives ways for one to know when God is clearly talking to them and also helpful mental tools to help discern and diagnose if one should choose a certain path. If you are interested in Christian Counseling and helping people make better choices that coincide with the Gospel, you should consider the program. If you are qualified, you could become a Christian Counselor and help others in the near future.

Training in Christian Counseling is offered at AIHCP for qualified professionals.

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