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Interested in Learning About Meditation?

Do you like to learn about meditation?   If so then you obviously like to keep up to date with the latest meditation techniques.    Because as we know, at least advance students of meditation, not all meditation is created equal.   Meaning we all have different needs and we all get something different when we meditate.   In the article below there are a lot of different meditation techniques to try.    From meditation bootcamp to laughter meditation, everyone should find something to suit their personal needs.

By Carolyn Gregoire
From Huffington Post

Learning About Meditation?  Here Are 7 New Techniques.

Although any practitioner can enjoy the considerable emotional and health benefits of meditation, no meditative practice is one-size-fits-all. Countless mind-body techniques have arisen to suit individual preferences. If you’ve been looking for a new type of practice, or you’ve been struggling with traditional forms of meditation, there are a number of lesser-known styles that may suit your needs. Perhaps imagining yourself in a peaceful garden will help to quiet racing thoughts, or focusing your gaze on a flame in front of you will restore a sense of inner calm.

For the full list please go here.

man in suit meditating

There is always something new to learn about meditation.

Great thing about meditation is that there is always something new to learn.   Be it in the form of fire meditation or koan meditation, daily meditation is an adventure that we get to revisit every day.

If you want more information concerning online meditation courses, then you should visit our meditation webpage

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