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Is hypnotherapy better than a fad diet?

In the world of weight loss, everyone is looking for the next best thing.   However hypnotherapy has shown you do not need the “feeding tube diet”, the “south beach diet”, or another diet “flavor of the month”.   Hypnosis, coupled with proper dieting and exercise, is a proven weight loss tool for those looking to lose weight.   In hypnotherapy, hypnotherapists can travel through your subconscious and find your individual triggers that lead to overeating.  Jami McDonald from examiner.com wrote an interesting article on the subject:

Hypnotherapy is Better than Fad Dieting

Hypnotherapy coupled with proper diet and exercise is a much healthier and most would agree safer alternative (despite the many misconceptions people have around hypnotherapy).  A hypnotherapist can help a client discover the trigger for a person who eats too much comfort food, not enough food, has unhealthy eating disorders, chooses not to exercise, and/or makes unhealthy eating habits.  They can help a person build confidence around their desire to eat right, exercise, and make healthy life style changes that will impact not only weight loss but other areas of their lives.  They can also create plans with the client to help motivate them to make their goal.

If you are interested in hypnotherapy as an alternative to strange and sometimes unhealthy diets, you should try searching for a hypnotherapist in you area.   Isn’t time you tried something that actually worked for you?   For more information on hypnotherapy please click here.


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