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Lent is about Redemption

Lenten Themes: Christ Fulfills The Old Law Via Redemption

Christ became the New Moses as a spiritual redeemer on the Passover

Christ became the New Moses as a spiritual redeemer on the Passover

Lent is about redemption.  Through suffering, comes redemption.  As our sacrifices and penance bloom forth into the Easter Pascha and Easter Baskets, so Christ’s suffering led to his glorious Resurrection.

Christ Fulfills the Failures of the Old Law

The Old Law while serving its purpose in the dark ages of Original Sin was fulfilled by Christ and elevated to a new level.  This is why in redemption history we hear the terms, “Christ figure” or “Prefigurement of Christ”.  The Old Testament Patriarchs while holy were far from perfect but they gave glimpses of the future to come.  Moses stands out as an excellent example of a Christ figure.  In redemption history, he stands as a physical redeemer of the Jewish people, bringing them out of bondage of Egypt and guiding them through the desert.  Christ is the New Moses and a spiritual redeemer.  Through his sacrifice he leads his people out of the bondage of Satan.  His blood is the paschal blood of the lamb.  His passover sacrifice is the perfect sacrifice.  What was prefigured in the Old Testament is fulfilled in the New Testament via Christ.

Christ’s suffering, as our own suffering when united with him, can lead to redemption.  His blood and suffering and walk to Calvary is symbolically the Lent that eventually leads to his resurrection on Easter.  This Lent, let us join our suffering with Christ, so that as Paul states, we may rise with him in the future.

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Mark Moran, MA

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