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Life Coaching and Decisive Decision Making Skills

Life Coaching Tips for Better Decision Making Skills

Some people simply do not have the skills to decide what their next move will be

Some people simply do not have the skills to decide what their next move will be

In the business, as well personal world, we are besieged with choices that demand clear and precise decisions.  Some decisions are small while others are big, but in the end good and logical decision making skills are essential to a successful life.  Life Coaching can help one develop these social skills at a more acute level.

According the Community Counseling Clinic at Youngstown State University, one needs to ask questions to oneself about their previous decision making history before they properly develop future decision making skills.  Questions that delve into the recent history of decisions and their past outcomes to the process one has followed in the past.  Does one ask for other opinions before acting?  Has one in the past acted rash?

After this, it is encouraged to use the D-E-C-I-D-E approach.  First, Descibe in writing the decision you need to make and identify the main issues.  Second, Elicit the opinions of others that you respect. Third, Consider the circumstances and alternatives of any given situation.  Fourth, Invest time in research and information gathering.  Obviously the time spent will correlate with the magnitude and importance of the decision. Fifth, Decide what the consequences will be and all possible outcomes.  Finally, Educate oneself with a log of the decision whether good or bad with explanations of the outcome.

As time proceeds, log your decisions and the outcome and see how you progress in your decision making process.  In some cases, intituition will play a major role.  I also recommend prayer for wisdom and understanding of the situation.

If you are interested in Health Care Life Coaching Education, please review the program.



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