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Malnutrition in infancy leads to attention deficit disorder

A new study has shown there is a link between infant malnutrition and attention deficit disorder.  In adults studied with ADHD, they were all malnourished in their first year of life.  The same adults showed Attention Deficit problems throughout their school years as well.   An article by Barbara Diggs on nutraingredients.com has more.

Infant malnutrition increases risk of adult attention deficit disorder: Study

Malnourished infants are more likely to have attention deficits as middle-aged adults, despite subsequent long-term nutritional rehabilitation, according to new research.


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Could malnutrition during infancy lead to ADHD?

Make sure you properly monitor your infant’s nutritional needs, you should not have to worry about attention deficit disorder.   If you would like to learn more about Attention Deficit Disorder, please visit our page.

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