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Managing Stress: 10 Ways to Worry Less

Worrying is a response to something we feel both vulnerable about and experience a lack of control over.    Managing stress plays an important part in eliminating both of these concerns.  Stress management can keep you in control of your life.   Keeping your stress managed can also remove your feelings of vulnerability.     So it is safe to say management of stress can reduce your amount of worrying.  You might be asking how to manage my worrying.   Here are ten ways to do just that:

By Edward M Hallowell, MD
From Huffington Post

Managing Stress: 10 Ways to Worry Less

While a healthy level of worry can help us perform efficiently at work, anticipate dangers, and learn from past errors, excessive worry can make an otherwise sane person seem crazy, devoid of sound judgment, peace of mind and happiness. So how do you curb the anxiety associated with stress and toxic worry?

First, it helps to understand what I call the basic equation of worry. This is a good way to conceptualize where toxic worry comes from:

For the full article please go here.

Managing stress does not have to be a long process.   You can manage stress by yourself.   All you need to do is learn to let things go, learn to avoid your stress triggers, and remember to laugh and love.

If you are interested in learning more stress management techniques then you should visit our webpage.

avoid your stress triggers

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