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Meditation Is a Place of Refuge

Do you wish to become a certified meditation instructor ?

Do you wish to become a certified meditation instructor ?


Meditation takes us underneath the stream of me. Below our strong ego is an even stronger presence. Meditation discovered by seekers in all the great traditions brings us to the heart of the mind. And this heart is a universal place of refuge.

American Institute Health Care Professionals‘s insight:

Meditation for many is a place of regufe as this article suggests.  People who do not have prayer, spirituality or some sort of release have a higher level of stress.   Studies are showing that those, even non-religious, who practice meditation are finding many advantages in health and over stress.

Meditation gives anyone seeking refuge and solace a chance to regroup and plan.  That is the ultimate benefit of meditation.  It can and does give a person a place to retreat and rest.  With work, school and family, even the best person needs some “me” time.  Meditation is an excellent way to accomplish that.

A certified meditation instructor is an excellent source of guidance and information on the topic.  Many people study under a certified meditation instructor to ensure proper technique and success in meditation.

If you are interested and if you want more information on meditation, then please read this article and other articles on meditation in our blog


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