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Negative Effects of Stress Taking Their Toll?

Negative Effects of Stress

Stop the Negative Effects of Stress! It isn’t magic… just common sense.

By Corrie Pikul Even though you’re not obviously melting down, your body and brain are trying to tell you that they’ve had enough.

American Institute Health Care Professionals‘s insight:

Negative Effects of Stress Can Lead To Serious Problems

There is plenty of advice on how to reduce stress but rarely is the negative effects of stress discussed.    Burn out and the physical signs of stress are damaging if ignored.   They can lead to diabetes, high blood pressure, loss of sleep, aging, weight gain, etc.   Being continuously stressed out is not good for you.   If you or someone you know is like this then please review this article to find out stress relief techniques.   If you want to learn a few of them then please read this article.

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