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New concept in patient education

Patient education is never an easy task.   They will always forget something and we all hope that it is not something important.   Faced with this challenge nurse educators are always looking for better ways to educate patients.   Fran London has an interesting technique called “Teach Back” in an article from Nurse Together.

Teach Back and How it can Improve Patient Education

Teach back is not an anxiety-producing test or a pop quiz, but a caring conversation. And there are many ways to do it.

You can ask the learner how he or she would describe the diagnosis and treatment to a family member.

You can tell the learner you want to make sure you didn’t leave anything important out of the instructions. Ask the learner to tell you the name, purpose, and administration of each med. Then ask the learner what problems might occur, and what he or she would do if a problem did occur.

For the full article please go here.

This method of patient education delivery could be something nurse educators could implement into their teaching programs.   Sometimes out of the box approaches to education are needed.   If you want to know more about nurse patient education, you should visit our website.



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