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New Death and Dying Book: “The Beauty of a Slow Death”

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When faced with death and dying, what do you do?

A new book dealing with death and dying titled “The Beauty of a Slow Death” by author Michele DeMeo, CRCST, CSPDT has just been published and is worth a look.   This book deals with grief counseling from the view point of the terminally ill patient.  Michele bravely writes about her experiences in dealing with ALS.

New Death and Dying Book: “The Beauty of a Slow Death”

Michele DeMeo left a message on my voice mail recently. “I know you must be busy,” her message said, “but if you have time I’d like to talk to you. I am terminal with ALS.”

I called Michele back. Physically weakened from ALS, she had pneumonia to boot, and her voice was barely a whisper. We talked about her health and her prognosis. Michele told me that she was an expert in healthcare disinfection, surgical instrumentation and sterilization and that she had recently published a book.

For the full article please go here.

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