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Nurse Educator Role is Expanding

How does the nurse educator role today compare to the same role several years ago?  What’s different today?   For starters nurse patient education are more involved in the health care communications.   They are teaching and learning that effective patient and disease management is achieved through good communication.   This communication allows the nurse educator to educate in the field.   For more on how this role is expanding please read below:

By Shantelle Coe
From Nurse Together

Nurse Educator Role

A Clinical Nurse Educator is a registered professional nurse with an advanced education, including advanced clinical and educational training coupled with many years of expertise in a healthcare specialty. Nurse educators serve in a variety of roles that often range from nursing college dean to a clinical trainer for a medical device or pharmaceutical company.

For the full article please go here.

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Two nurses, one male and the another female having a discussion

A nurse educator at work.

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