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Nursing Education Advice: Go Straight to Grad School?

Many nurses are faced with the question should they continue their nursing education after they receive their BSN?  There are pros and cons to each side.   Some say once a nurse earns their BSN that if they do not continue on to their MSN, they never will.   Others say if you are working in the field you love and are ready to start your nursing career then why go on with further education?   Sam Omulligan from Nurse Together writes:

Nursing Education Advice: Go Straight to Grad School?

A picture of a graduation cap

Should you continue your nursing education?

Enrolling in an MSN degree program is a smart move. But which option is better for nursing students: going directly to grad school after earning a bachelor’s degree in nursing, or beginning a nursing practice and returning to grad school a year or more down the line?

There are valid opinions on both sides of this debate. And, as with any personal choice, the final decision regarding your education depends on what is best for you. Here are some ideas to help you assess whether it’s better to wait or to go directly to grad school.

For the full article please go here

Continuing education in nursing is always something that will need to be done throughout your career but it will never take the place of a masters degree.  In the end only you can decide which path is best for your career in nursing.    To keep up to date with all of the health care news and nursing news please check out our website.




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