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Nursing Stress: Just Stress or is it Burnout?

Nursing stress like other professions is when the pressures of the job begin to get to you.  There is plenty of advice to help you relieve your stress.  I personally use meditation to relieve my stress. Nursing burnout on the other hand is something more serious.  Burnout occurs when the stress from the job has caused you to lose interest, not care about your patients, become physically ill, or quit your job.   Stress from being a nurse can become burnout if it is not dealt with, reduced or relieved.   For more on the differences please review this article:

By Laura Wisniewski
From Nurse Together

Nursing Stress: Just Stress or is it Burnout?

Nursing is a hard emotional, physical, and spiritual work, but it is also very rewarding and satisfying. Tension and turmoil come within the territory of being a nurse. Are your feelings of frustration just common stress, or something more serious like burnout and compassion fatigue? Decide for yourself.

For the full article please go here.

A young female nurse who looks like she is very stressed out.

Is it nursing stress or are you burned out?

Know the difference between nursing stress and burnout cannot only save your nursing career but it can also save lives.  All of us need stress management in our lives and careers.  Don’t let stress ruin yours.

If you are interested in learning more about stress management consulting then you should visit our webpage.


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