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Online Stress Management Advice for the Holidays

By: Dr. John Grohol

Normal causes of stress exist year round and with practice you can overcome them.   During the holidays, however, you can experience new sources of stress.   Relatives, planning, shopping, crowds, parties, over eating, etc all can lead to stress.    Many people turn to online stress management advice to help with coping strategies and stress reduction techniques.   An excellent article for the Huffington Post has several strategies you can use to combat the Holiday Blues.

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No need to keep these online stress management tips a secret!

Online Stress Management to Survive the Holidays

The holidays are upon us — and so is the time of the year when a lot of people get stressed out and overwhelmed, and feel like it’s a never-ending bother. Relatives want to get together, and inevitably, the old arguments and kidding will repeat themselves. Families repeat endless cycles of interaction, and almost everybody feels helpless to break out.

Perhaps you don’t realize it — or do, but still feel powerless — but you can change these patterns this year. You can create a happier, more joyful and brighter holiday than you’ve ever had before. All it takes is the will to change, and making an effort — small baby steps this year, bigger ones next.

For the full article and the list please go here.

Once you have learned to take time for yourself, you can actually relax and enjoy your holiday time off.    Just remember the online stress management tips in the article and you will on your way to a stress free Christmas Season.

If you are interested in learning more about stress management then you should visit our website for more information on stress management certification.




One Response to Online Stress Management Advice for the Holidays

  1. James Ross says:

    We are most likely stressed during the holidays since we’re thinking too much. Thus, it is important that you know how to manage it. There are a lot of stress management tips that would help you ease it away.

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